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    Artist and Illustrator Jess Elizabeth loves creating mixed media floral gardens and meadows, colourful skies, joyful paintings. 'The Littlest Flower Owl and Friends' illustration series as well as Jasmine Garden, Rainbow Hill, Spring Meadow and Tapestry!'


    Growing up in the countryside was very inspiring, but her love of art really began on a school visit to an art gallery, when she first saw Renoir' 'Les Parapluies.'

    ''I just totally fell in love with all of the varying hues of blue and lilacs in Renoirs masterpiece...it fascinated me that there was so much colour in just a small space of the painting. I wanted to go home and see what I could paint'' ...


    Another classic painting very much on her list of favourites ' The Four Seasons' by Simon Vouet.


    Her art work graces homes and businesses across the globe, including USA, Tenerife, Spain, Canada and Italy, United Kingdom, Scotland, to name a few.


    Her favourite artists are, Claude Monet, Jasion Cianelli, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Leonid Afremov to name a few...


    ''I hope you enjoy my work every bit as much as I've enjoyed creating them'' - Jess Elizabeth


    Bringing you joy, sparkle, happiness and love to your world.

    Lots of love,

    Jess Elizabeth ♥

    ƸӜƷ .•*¨ .•.¸¸.ღ


    I love using one or a mixture of acrylics and watercolours. I pretty much love the softness of watercolours, but acrylics do take the forefront in my work with washes and mixes.


    I enjoy working on illustrations. I use a combination to achieve the look or feel of the piece. Archival pigment inks, pens, glitter along with watercolours or acrylics or other media is found in my illustrations

    Fine Art

    My fine art paintings usually are scenes from my childhood memories of living in the countryside, surrounded by close family and neighbours or from photographs I have taken or En plein air! To create these magical timeless scenes I paint them mostly using acrylics and acrylic wash on canvas, canvas panel or handmade paper.

    Always Sparkle

    What can I say, but I just love sparkly and textured art. I love adding glitter to some of my art pieces. I do not use glitter for all of my art pieces, just specific ones such as 'The Littlest Flower Owl' series and 'Fairy and Wishes' series. It just adds a touch of magic!

  • Exhibitions

    In-Spire Art Galerie - Ireland -2017

    Lucan Art Fair - Lucan - Ireland. 2017

    ArtsHouse - Stratford upon Avon - UK 2017

    Trygve Lie Gallery - New York, - NYC. 2016

    Walkers Gallery - Southport - UK. 2015

    The Little Green Art Gallery - Ireland. 2010





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